Paradise for sale

Poetry by; Nicole Fraticelli

cat milkers orchestra

look at the row of teeth
Mulch fed, with
well-bred parallel inclinations

the adulterated apple/
Retail insipid/serves
a statistical Query for injustices;
committed at noon, during brunch,
under an avalanche storm,
under arms, within a
windmill of whims/train of thoughts

bebiendo sin copa

le crecieron ojos a tu omelette
mientras cantabas en la ducha
y termino siendo que tenias huevo de mascota por diez
días; llegaste a la conclusión que el gato se lo comería, y botaste al gato, y las moscas a veces se le pegaban al omelette,
que no podia gritar.

fue revolucionario ver codornices
conglomerarse alrededor de tu edificio

vinieron todas a esperar tu salida, una explicación
apologética, declaraciones pseudo-sexuales sobre la
relación y tu
no quisiste abrir los ojos

king of the prowling pangolins

i could drop an ounce of neptunes
to never find them, despair

i’ll tax evasions when i become
chief head of affairs/head chief at the fair
jester molester
with full benefits, dental
and i owe it all to gregor johann mendel

Godspeed, cowboy

Faulty wiring led us to
Giving up on lightness and
Approaching switches
With a candelabra handy

Not to say I’ve seen you
Under the sun holding
Tight to a rope

Like you’re bound to run
Or be swept away

But i warned myself in case
Calamari crawl out and grab you
To keep a spot near my
ganglia to hold you in