Paradise for sale

invest / reinvest / vest

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this is a cutthroat tale

cornerstone defect in a lot of ways
now you see me,
then again

our influences vary
where we meet (in middles
between two pages bursting)

and i can’t disagree
there are spills
a whole ocean

percentual advocacy
won’t grow lungs anymore
not by the hundred

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down the hatch

three miniatures
give and take simultaneously/
living close to thinking
they can find
territorial anomalies

a fraction of reality,

nature derives from small gestures
or you drown
if you lack feathers/a shadow

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favorable analogs

what i would like in your presence
regarding orbits you have kept
lingering silent over the wicker man
while i greet airplanes from
the top of your head

i am petrified
when the sun comes back

some souls don’t restart
today and the last tragedy lives on

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eyesome amosite

where are there inclinations?
pending talismanic vertical climbs;
no ne but a goat could ignore

unbearably miserable cold
as they say; grisping
a tempered cliff
as if it were/
inside of stones

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