white belly whiskey

heaving the cratylus, i
become object, and escaping observer
at times

minding proposals that should carry

like edges,
surrounded [by eyes; heavy clouded
peg-legging to fall and roll away]

where invariable silences follow
after keeping pockets full for days

x; variable de escopeta

ahora calaveras
quien veía en direcciones
al reverso del espejo

apilo libros;
continúo dejando esquinas
para tropezarme

cuando vuelva la palabra correcta
cuando se aflojen cantidad de dientes/
el gesto factura amontonarse

miel en un saco

nos derribaron jaguares de las digresiones eventuales
en el espacio

fabrica de reverencias
mineral vegetal,
mineral calavera
colección de movimientos aleatorios

weird honey in a bag

square mice escaping
a massive rupture in space

where we meet halfway
above evasive organisms/their
trembling factions merely
demonic fronts and reverence

subcutaneous epigraphy

the rare certainties often
several at once/ cornered spaces
further into dreams than
cornish hens

your hemlock salves are tinted
sealed for a measure/
a drop shuffles quickly
between decks

ants wiring short circuits

this hole in the wall
wherever ants go and
keep objects from each other

this constant
pinching eyes following winding paths
only to cave in

the usual freedoms; vast networks of
coarse salt and sweat gathering
under tundras

tantric shucking

i can only watch
energy transfer through talking oyster platters
as slivers of line addictions;
orderly nuns under threat of sedatives
beneath a seduced gut

mermaids/ mermas

papel de abstenciones/ abstractos
en las paredes vacías;
figuro eliminar lineas para acercarme
a obtener apenas
pigmentación cuasi-esporádica aplicada sin mesura,
que en tres partituras

sin intenciones de recuperarse
ni tomar algo ajeno por ejemplo, estupidez
perezosa, divisores linfáticos/ aquellos tomados
con poca fuerza
bajo inclinaciones indescifrables


the roll of abstainers/ abstracts
on empty walls;
i figure limiting lines to closeness
hardly gaining in
quasi-sporadic pigmentation
applied without a care to the scientific method/
that which collapses in three partituras

intensive recovery fails to recognize or take
for example; stupidity
a sloth without lymphatic divisors/
those forces we incline
are hard to decipher


nos desdicha/
reaccionarios químicos de la subcultura petri-dish/
los trogloditas debuenaire
calculan, La velocidad de un falco victoriano
similar al germen batracio germánico que
nos trata evasivos

hay tundra en latas de

variación dicótoma parsimoniosa

sweet pothos!

the bold lettering remained engraved it seems
between each centipede of space/
a collection of seconds spent awake

we glance at brilliance while
carving out each inch of long swift stroked dotted
adornments; the question-
able to turn the key

the typist phenomena(fenómeno)

a coffee caramel never

unattending the apparatus

Rilke leaves bars and
levers, he liked locks/ setting your backs
against the edge
gracing gently/ setting the blade
to cut across the grain

looking at the crescent

partaking in orbital progression
it serves
purpose iso-

boys will be girls even

Lorna dragona

two effigies degenerate
in grassland rush/energy definitive

efficient, after all

a recurring voyage to The Black Sea;
“rain collects in welts in skin in dark defeats
in wooden cases

rain collected faithfully
along with cracks on the wall, numbered
thrice and cataloged by type

there were three inches of rain today”